The Restaurant

Indulge in temptations of gluttony tasty and refined

The cuisine of the Roero district is traditional, rich and varied despite its simplicity, passed down from generation to generation

I t was originally simple because it was based on the ingredients that a housewife could gather within the orchard and the vegetable garden (minestrone, omelettes, chicken, tajarin pasta, lasagne).
As well as the dining-room the restaurant has an external portico, a terrace and a lower level in the refurbished wine cellar. It offers local traditional cuisine with carefully selected, authentically local and seasonal products, keeping up old recipes but introducing a pinch of innovation thanks to the skill and experience of the chef.

“Tasty and refined dishes prepared exclusively with seasonal products. There are places that even while you are in them seem to belong to the past. There are people who preserve past cultures, and ensure that the secular ritual of local cuisine travels through time without getting old. This is how unique dishes are born, creations that are capable of transforming the fruits of the seasons into combinations of flavour to be jealously cherished.”

Capacity: 100 places in three dining-rooms.